Full Spectrum Intelligent Horticultural Lighting


Ditch the Timers

No more retro-fit tech. Enlighten series lighting powered by GROWAPP is instant sophistication that sets up within minutes. Easy as go.

Advanced Scheduling

Create and store profiles. Choose from simple actions or advanced bio-mimicry patterns.

Real-time control

Control the light at any time from anywhere with zero-delay app controls.


Sense the Environment

Pre-calibrated, high accuracy environmental sensors are ready to sense the environment right out of the box. Environmental readings from all lights are centralized into easy to read dashboards.

  • Temperature
  • Relative Humidity
  • CO2
  • VPD

Ultimate Quality and Precision

Durable, high quality, expert precision-cut and lighweight aluminum fabrication. Military grade design. Engineered and manufactured in Canada.??

All aluminum construction

Lightweight aluminum structure with built in hanging points.

High strength powder coating

Easy to clean powder coated finish for medical and pharmaceutical applications.



Tech Specs

  • 3000k flowering spectrum
  • 5×5 footprint
  • 750W
  • WiFi connectivity
  • Real-time environmental monitoring
  • Fully Programmable / Controllable
  • Field upgradable

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