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Meet Paolo and Robert Pincente…

About us

We create integrated, user-friendly technology to modernize grow rooms, from seed to harvest, enabling growing operations to meet the increasing demands of the modern consumer.

We know that informed growers are the most successful growers. We know that Master Growers have precise ratios for successful crops. We also know that these Master Growers, while genius, are still limited by time and space and cannot be everywhere at once. And with the movement to legalize cannabis happening all around the world, we know that these Master Growers will need to grow more, grow it in a more efficient way and deliver a better product to remain competitive in an industry that is on the cusp of blowing up. We create solutions that make all of this possible in a streamlined and sophisticated way.

Meet our founders, Paolo and Robert

Paolo Pincente and Robert Pincente are growratio’s founding brothers from cannabis-friendly Canada. They have an extensive background in information technology, network systems, programming and internet security. They live for the Internet of Things and geek out on code and programming innovations. Coincidentally, they have a passion for growing things from consumables to corals. At growratio they marry their passion and tech expertise to create systems that make all indoor growing operations better, bigger, stronger and more productive.

  • Rob Pincente
    Rob Pincente CTO
  • Paolo
    Paolo CEO

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