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High Efficiency Full Spectrum

By generating half the heat of traditional grow lights, Growratio lights reduce the load on cooling systems; reducing utility bills immediately by using up to half the electricity of traditional lights.

Powerful full spectrum LEDs deliver light in the varying light schedules required for each phase of growth. Natural, white light allows biological processes to flourish as nature intended.

Integrated Sensors and Controls

Monitor your environment with a wide variety of sensors including temperature, CO2 and humidity to ensure optimal conditions.

Easily control and schedule lighting patterns, intensity, power levels and other equipment in the facility.

Increase Yeilds

Powerful light intensity is required for plants to achieve their full potential.

By delivering more usable light than traditional lighting, harvests are up to 25% greater with the Growratio system.

Achieve consistent results by fine tuning the ideal environment, and ensure it stays that way. Proactively monitor conditions for any changes that could hinder optimal growth.

Stay Connected

Be in control like never before. Stay connected to multiple rooms, across various facilities, anywhere in the world.

Monitor environmental data in real time. Get alerts when your conditions are less than optimal. Store and view detailed historical conditions including short, medium and long term trends.


Enlighten Series Full Spectrum

Intelligent Horticultural Lighting

NLN-1 Enlighten Series: Light driven precision

Just as life on earth is dependent on our sun,success in indoor cultivation is driven by light. Growratio’s patent-pending system is the only platform that integrates industry leading LED technology with modern environment analytics and control systems to optimize growth at every stage while minimizing cost. Growratio’s algorithms work behind the scenes, utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver the perfect environment required for high quality, high output cultivation.

ting systems.


The proper ratio of light and optimal conditions are the key to a successful growing operation.
Be in control of both, with Growratio lighting systems.

We are with you every step of the way from room set up to world domination. Just give us a shout.