The proper ratio of essential elements is the key to a successful growing operation, and light is the cornerstone of a productive growing environment.

GROWRATIO Lighting Systems:

  • Provide the highest yields of the best quality
  • Use less electricity and create less heat
  • Monitor and control the growing environment from any device, anywhere in the world on the GROWAPP
  • Make it easy to achieve consistently massive yields in any indoor growing operation

Full Spectrum

Powerful full spectrum LEDs deliver light in the varying light schedules required for each phase of growth.

Natural, white light allows biological processess to flourish as nature intended.

Sense & Control

Monitor your environment with a wide variety of sensors including temperature, CO2 and humidity to ensure conditions are optimal.

Easily control and schedule lighting patterns, intensity, power levels and other equipment in the facility.


By generating half the heat of traditional grow lights, our lights reduce the load on cooling systems.

Our lights reduce utility bills immediately by using up to half the electricity of traditional lights.

Massive Yields

High light intensity is required for plants to achieve their true potential.

By delivering more usable light than traditional lighting, harvests are up to 25% greater with our system.

Just as the sun is central to successful growth on earth, GROWRATIO grow lights are central to successful growth in your indoor horticultural operation.

Intensity. Intelligence. Quality.

Stay connected to your grow room activities,
from any device, anywhere in the world.


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